Christmas on Manhattan!


Well it’s been a while since we have posted any news, so we will just bring everyone up to date.

March 2014:
A lot is a ready happening here behind the scenes at Christmas on Manhattan. We are in the middle of the one most comprehensive upgrades Christmas on Manhattan has ever seen, without giving away too many secrets or surprises away all I will say is this is going to be very colorful.

With the coming of my daughter Tiffany's wedding this November 1st right around the corner. Plans are in full effect already for designing and building trying to get our display fully up for this season after the big day happens. There definitely will be a displayed this year, to what degree all depends on how our summer months go for laying out all the new designs we had put together and if all goes well we have some huge changes and announcements for this year's display. But keep in mind design work is limited and everything has to be finished by September so the proud father can focus on his daughter and all her wedding plans and needs.

So for those of you that have asked Christmas on Manhattan will definitely be happening this year, we might have to leave a few choice surprises out and add them into the 2015 display if the design work cannot be completed in time. I will let you know one key element is changing throughout most of the display, all I will say is pixels are coming!

October 2010:
This year is lining up to be another huge success, This year’s set up is expected to start 11 days before thanks giving, so if anyone wants to lend a hand... come on over! We always could use extra support. If you are interested, just stop by anytime between 10AM to 10PM during setup days and as long as you see me in the yard your welcome to help out. We are in full swing right now getting the holiday decorations ready to go up and have been testing and replacing bulbs for weeks now. We are adding a bunch of new and refinished peaces this year. Some things you might not have seen is the last few years. Our mega tree is totally rebuilt, our 6 foot tall trumpeting angle is back ready for another year, we are adding a few more leaping arches acrossed the front lawn and a few other things you will have to just wait and see. Santa will be stopping buy again this season to say "Hi" to all the kids and everyone always gets candy canes when stopping by Christmas on manhattan. If you have any questions or you would like to be a helper this year with Christmas on manhattans set up team just email me at

December 2009:
This was a year I didn’t even think we would light up our house at all. When the word started to spread that we were not lighting up... well, We had so many people asking why, I was getting notes left on my car, people stopping me and my family in town asking us to please reconsider and light the house once again, so the one year I thought I’d take off... turned into a huge outburst of support to turn on the lights... so with a lot of nudging from the wife, friends, people around town we decided... taking off for Christmas is not for us and what a year it turned into there was an explosion of spectators who came and saw the lights and we had a huge surprise... we were shown live on LX TV (channel 4). WOW it was so much fun! That night was something to remember, tons of people, kids! We passed out hundreds of candy canes that night and Santa was here too!

December 2008:
Christmas on manhattan was featured on new 12 NJ. That was a great day but almost didn’t happen at all. You have to love the snow! News 12 wanted to come the Tuesday before Christmas and I thought great, that’s going to be fun, well Monday night as my luck goes for me, we got about 8 to 10 inches of snow and I knew when I looked out the window Tuesday morning, they weren’t coming. By About lunch time that day sure enough I got the call. What ended up happening is the team from News 12 came to my house the day before Christmas eve. We had a ball! Check out the video in our video section.